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BlueHost vs. JustHost Review 2019

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Only insiders will know this secret because they are not made public. BlueHost has acquired JustHost around November 2011. Based on my observation, they have fully integrated JustHost into BlueHost platform. That means JustHost is now just another brand name of BlueHost offering exactly the same service.

You may find it weird why they want to own a second brand while their own brand is so strong. This is a common practice for a business to expand by taking over other successful businesses. For example, the clothing company Timberland belongs to the same owner of NorthFace. Pantene, Herbal Essenes, Head & Shoulders all belongs to the same owner. So I don’t see any problem with it. What I am interested is the quality of the service and the price we are paying.

While offering the same product with exactly the same features, BlueHost is marketed as a premium brand while JustHost is marketed as a cheaper solution. BlueHost will cost $5.95 for 12 month even after discount but JustHost will cost only $4.95! They are also cheaper on all terms!


There are many proves that I can show you that confirm JustHost is now part of BlueHost. But I will show you the most convincing proof.

If you really trust my finding that JustHost offer exactly the same service as BlueHost, you should go ahead and sign up with JustHost to save some money. The savings is very big for the 12 month plan. The savings is insignificant if you are considering the  24 month or 36 month plan.

12 month



24 month



36 month



Why I Say BlueHost (and JustHost) is the Best Web Hosting?

  1. BlueHost has been in business for more than 10 years since 2002. They have over 20,000 customers and hosting millions of domains. They are huge and successful. Many web hosts have gone out of business and yet they are growing big and fast. They must have served their customers very well.
  2. All their customer supports are US based. That means you will be writing and speaking in native English and not Indianish.
  3. They are using the world #1 web hosting control panel – the CPanel.
  4. They provide an installer known as SimpleScripts that allows you to install more than 50 scripts easily, including all the popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento..
  5. They offer ANYTIME money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with them, you can cancel your account and get the unused portion back. If you cancel before the first 30 days, you get a full refund.
  6. Most web hosts rent a datacenter because it is very costly to own one. Bluehost actually build their own datacenter! They have full control and access to their servers which means problems can be solved faster.

BlueHost vs JustHost

I already told you they are the same! Please don’t skip my review.

BlueHost vs iPage vs FatCow

iPage and FatCow are great web hosts too. They have similar pricing with BlueHost but the major difference is that they are using vDeck control panel. After using CPanel and many other control panels for the last 10 years, I still vote CPanel as the best control panel. They can do more things compared to vDeck. For example, you can easily ZIP and UNZIP a file in CPanel file manager. You can’t do that in vDeck file manager.

BlueHost and JustHost also allow you to SSH to your hosting account. You can also do cron jobs on them. But you can’t do SSH and cron jobs with iPage and FatCow.

If you look at their help center, you will be shocked that the articles found in BlueHost and JustHost simply outnumber those found in iPage and FatCow. You can search for many answers and solutions easily. There are also lots of video tutorials at BlueHost.

BlueHost vs HostGator

HostGator is able to match BlueHost in almost everything. Both of them are using CPanel. However, HostGator is using Fantastico as their installer while BlueHost is using SimpleScripts. Fantastico is not a good installer because they can’t keep their scripts up to date. You have to wait weeks or even months before a new release is integrated into it. On the other hand, SimpleScripts will have new release available almost the same day.

HostGator is almost twice more expensive than BlueHost!


BlueHost and JustHost are still the best web hosting you can have especially after you have compared them with other popular web hosts. And JustHost beats BlueHost in pricing in every terms from 12-month to 36-month and is always preferrend over BlueHost.

Source: Guy Galboiz

Do You Need SiteLock With BlueHost? Is It Worth The Money?

Answer in 1 sentence: NO! YOU DON’T NEED IT!

Answer in 1 paragraph (ok more than 1 paragraphs):-

Do you know what is SiteLock? You probably don’t. Please cread how BlueHost explained it. Do you understand now? If yes, please email me and explained to me because I don’t understand!

I built my first website in 1998 and have since built many many websites and host with many many web host. You don’t need something like that.

It says:-

    • Demonstrate to your customers that you are a trustworthy business by verifying your credentials such as email, phone and address.
    • Displaying the SiteLock certificate increases conversion rates on your site. It will give your business instant credibility & trust in the eyes of customers.
    • Recover your reputation
    • Security verification logo


I have displayed the SiteLock logo in this blog post now. It is free. I downloaded it from their website. Does the logo demonstrate to you I am trustworthy. Does it increase my credibility in your eyes? I doubt.

    • SiteLock automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities and malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed.
    • Eliminate database vulnerabilities
    • Secure your network
    • Remove malware
    • Malware removal
    • Spam black-list removal
    • Database security
    • Network security
    • Ongoing security assurance
    • Discounted expert services

There is no further explanation on how they are going to protect our website. There is not enough transparency. What kind of database vulnerabilities? How often is the scan being performed? Will I get a report on what it does? Or maybe I will just get this, “Scan Completed! Nothing Detected.”

The “SiteLock Domain Security” will cost you $14.99/year.

The Site Lock service is not provided by BlueHost but a third party But it is not mentioned anywhere in their website. Is it a different “SiteLock”? But the shared the same logo!

On their official website, the basic plan cost $9.99/month (Month, not year!). The Enterprise plan will cost you $49.99/month. So where do the cheapo $14.99/year plan fit in(only $1.5/month)?

Is it worth the money? No I don’t think so. Money is more well spend by purchasing other add-on such as “Site Backup Pro” which will provide more real and practical security to you by making sure your website is backup periodically.

BlueHost WordPress Installation in 1 Click?! Nahhh!!!

BlueHost claims that you can install a new WordPress blog with just 1 click. Is that real? Unfortunately it is not! It takes several clicks and keyboard strokes to have it installed. But the good news is that you can still install it in less than 1 minute! Traditionally if you have to install everything yourself, you will at least have to:

  1. Download the latest script from
  2. Unzip the files to your computer.
  3. FTP to you website and upload the files to your server.
  4. Create a new MySQL database. Create a new username and assign it to the new database.
  5. Open WordPress installation page. Enter your MySQL information and proceed with installation.

And that will probably take you at least 15 to 30 minutes depending on how familiar are you with the process! With Bluehost One-click (ahem…) install, you can now install your new blog within 1 minute. Here I will show you how.

Login to BlueHost Control Panel. Click on the “WordPress” Icon (or the big banner that reads “Wordpress FREE One-click install”).



You will be brought to the Installation page that looks like this. Just click on “Install”.



You are now in the “customization” page. You could have just checked the box to accept the licensee agreement and click “Complete” to have a brand new WordPress blog installed! However before doing that, I recommend you to go through the 3 steps customization.

Step 1: Installation Preferences

Always choose the newest stable version available. You may want to choose which domain you want to install your WordPress blog at since you may have many domains hosted in the same BlueHost account. Then you can also tell the installer whether you want WordPress to be installed in the home directory or a sub directory (such as

Step 2: Advanced Options


You can change your blog title here. But I always left it empty because it can be easily changed later. You can also choose your password now, or let the installer assigned one for you which will be shown to you after installation. You will also receive your password by email. If you want to use a specific database, you can tell the installer here too, or they will automatically create a new one for you.

Step 3: Plugins and Themes

Cashie Commerce? SmallBiz Theme by Expand2Web? Wiziapp?

Quick and simple. UNCHECK all of them. You don’t need them. They are actually trials that need $ for full usage later.

Step 4: Legal Information

Just check the box to accept the “blar blar blar” and click “complete”.



Installed!!! Done!!! That’s it!!!


If you have requested a random password, it is shown here and you may want to keep note of it. Just in case you miss it, a copy of the password will be emailed to you too. You can now login to your new WordPress blog.

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