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Interview: Yonatan Ben Shimon – Are Quantum Computers Real?

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An Interviewwith Yonatan Ben Shimon,  a partner at

Technology has brought forth much advancement that people continue to appreciate. This has paved ways for new innovations that people are constantly trying to come with daily. Quantum computing is one of the latest topics that have gathered heat bringing with it a controversy. Are quantum computers real? Is the question most people ask when this topic comes up. There is a divided opinion in this regard with some believing that it is and others believing otherwise.

What is the idea of quantum computing?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: The idea of quantum computing started in the 1980s which means it isn’t a new idea. The belief that there could be computers that can have the ability to simulate complex situations isn’t far-fetched considering how well technology has improved over the years. It is now believed that the first of such computers will be available in the next five years. However, the responsibilities that these computers are already being given may bring to question their capabilities. Quantum computers are expected to come up with discoveries that have never existed such as the cure to some incurable diseases like cancer. While this prospect is definitely exciting, it is a little unrealistic considering the fact that no one has ever seen a model of what these computers are meant to look like. All people have to go on are their imaginations as they try to visualize what a quantum computer can look like.

On the other hand, the fact that national science foundation is willing to spend a lot of money on research concerning the same shows that they believe in its reality. Since the research is expected to involve the hardware as well as the software aspects of the computers, it may take longer than the stipulated five years. It may even be longer since nobody has an idea about the types of hardware or software that will be powerful enough to run these machines.

Can a solution of creating quantum computers be found soon?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: According to one engineer from Duke University, he is optimistic that the solution to creating quantum computers can be found. The same way different means were used to develop the classic computers is the same way different methods can be used to build the quantum ones. Qubits that are available now is one of those ways that can be further explored to create the functionality of the quantum. It’s therefore upon the researchers to explore all their options to come up with a practical computer.

What do you think about it?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: Despite this optimism and what looks like a possibility, the reality of having quantum computers is still far away. Even if it were to become a reality, training people on how to use them will still be an uphill task. One would start by explaining to the user quantum mechanics through physics or chemistry which to most people is difficult to understand. The challenge is therefore not just in creating a physical computer but also in getting it to the public. Tracking the progress will also be very difficult considering the many options that are to be explored.

Thank you again Yonatan Ben Shimon for this interview. We hope to see more quantum computers in the coming future.

All these show that having a real quantum computer will take a lot of time, effort, research and creativity and it is still not something that is guaranteed to be successful. Only the idea of a quantum computer is real but the product itself seems unreal given all factors that contribute to it.

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