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Payback LTD Review

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Payback LTD helped my family to recover our money back from a Forex/binary option scam and we owe them this review. 

Payback LTD

Payback LTD is designed for YOU – a Payroll Professional. In addition to bank holidays, Payback LTD reminds you of important state and federal filing deadlines automatically.

Aside from setting important payroll deadlines, with Payback LTD you can quickly and easily enter personal reminders to be e-mailed to you. Payback LTD enables you to keep track and be reminded of any important deadline. You can even remind your colleagues and team members of their deadlines.

Payback LTD is very easy to use — it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Register to join this totally free service.

2. Elect automatic reminders for bank holidays and federal/state filing deadlines.

3. Next, create your individual reminders. With each reminder you will be able to choose the frequency and time of the day that you want to receive the reminder. Payback LTD is customization to your needs.

Your reminders will be e-mailed to you, and others, as they are scheduled. It’s that simple. With Payback LTD, you shouldn’t miss another payroll deadline!

Anyone can become a member simply by registering here.

If you have already registered then simply login and set your Payback LTD.

How It Works

With Payback LTD, you can enter personal reminders to be emailed to you, quickly and easily. Payback LTD allows customers the ability to keep track and be reminded of any important deadline.

Payback LTD is very easy to use, it’s as simple as 1 2 3.

1. Register to join this totally free service.

2. Next, create your individual reminders. With each reminder you will have several choices as to the frequency and time of which you will receive each reminder. Payback LTD can be customized to meet your needs.

3. Lastly, your reminders will be emailed to you as they are scheduled.

It’s that simple. With Payback LTD, you never fail to be notified to submit another payroll again.

Payback LTD Case Study

CoreCard A/R Subsystem at Work with Large Corporate Financial System

As flexible credit options for one’s customers become increasingly important competitive tools, we, at CoreCard, encounter companies looking for highly configurable accounts receivable management solutions that can work with their current enterprise systems. Here is a recent example of how a division of a large company deployed the CoreCard solution to provide more flexible payment options for its customers.

Business and Technical Situation:
The client was looking for a flexible A/R subsystem that would work with SAP, its current Corporate accounting system. The client, a UK division of a multinational European company, offers credit to its customers for purchasing postage, envelops, labels, ink, ribbon and other small value items..

Solutions and Benefits:
The client chose CoreCard based on the ease-of-use and flexibility of the solution. The CoreCard system works with the client’s companywide SAP accounting system. As with all CoreCard deployments, the software was configured specifically for the client’s needs. Some of the new benefits include:
– CoreCard allows the client to offer revolving credit. Customers have a credit limit which refreshes as they pay over time for items purchased using credit.
– The CoreCard receivable solution acts as the system of records for their customer data and handles the customer interaction (via the credit sale transaction & billing) while updating the balances in the SAP system.

Additional Results: The client has been so satisfied with the CoreCard solution that they plan to move the management of their high value accounts (such as for postage meters sales) to the CoreCard system. Taking advantage of CoreCard’s feature-rich, highly flexible software, the client will offer these customers another type of payment option featuring a fixed installment purchase plan.

This example demonstrates CoreCard’s flexible deployment model with solutions configured specifically for each customer. CoreCard allows its customers to license and deploy the solution at their site or to outsource to CoreCard’s processing operations, with an option to bring the customized software in-house at a later date.

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